KingRoot – Rooting Tool for Any Android Devices

KingRoot is a rooting tool which can be used to root any android device. Kingxteam has developed this awesome rooting tool and the latest version is KingRoot 4.5. The release note says that KingRoot 4.5 is arrived with the combination of KingUser and KingRoot. Therefore the new user interface and the powerful rooting technology are the main features of this latest version.


But the developers have stated that the current stable version is KingRoot 4.1 which released in last May.

Actually rooting of your android device will void your warranty. But you should not worry about it, since you can unroot your device after rooting at any time you need. KingRoot is arrived with built-in unroot option. If you are looking for warranty claim, then you can unroot it and take it to the store you bought it for warranty claim.

KingRoot is having two versions, as mobile version and desktop version. Mobile version is support for almost all the devices. However you might find there are some devices that you cannot simply rot with mobile version. In such situations you can use desktop version.

It is considered that KingRoot has become popular among lazy people. Do you know that KingRoot is one of the most popular rooting tools in China. At present there is an English version of the tool. So it can be used by anyone. Generally when you deployed a rooting tool it will try to implement some fixed number of strategies arrived with the tool you used to root an android device. Instead of that KingRoot is used rooting strategies from the cloud. So it has a higher success rate.

You can download KingRoot from the developer’s web page. This tool is a free tool and it could support for rooting any android device which is running android 2.2, 2.3, 4.0, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0.

Important points before use KingRoot tool

  1. Still KingMaster and KingRoot desktop version is in Chinese language only. Developers have announced to release an English version very soon.
  2. Once you root your device, it will flash your stock recovery option and install a third part Recovery option.
  3. You can unroot at any time you want.
  4. If you accidentally delete KingUser you will be temporarily unable to root access. However reinstall KingUser will fix the issue.
  5. If you uninstall KingUser and install SuperSU also will cause to lose root access.